Special Forces Group

Arma 3 Milsim Unit  



We are a bunch of arma vets, who have experienced many different groups over the years of playing arma. 

We wanted a small (around 20), tight knit group, strong on drills, SOP's and teamwork. 

Hence we formed Special Forces Group (SFG). 

We are like-minded players, who enjoy playing arma "well", who look to improve, both individually and collectively and all within an informal, good atmosphere and mature environment. 

About Us

We are based upon British Special Forces, but are under no illusions of operating at, or being at the same level as a fully-fledged SF unit. However, within an arma 3 context, we do strive for high standards of drills, SOP’s, etc. and have a similar ethos, that an SF unit might employ. 


We have an informal environment, no "yes sir/no sir", etc. While we have leaders, like most units, our ethos and training ensures, little to no "micro managing".  Our members are mature, switched-on players, who take responsibility for their role in the team and in working on drills, skills, etc., in training.  

We mainly deploy in 4 man sized teams, so every member of the patrol needs to contribute. Most members are crossed trained or have the skills to cover various roles (don't worry - this is an aspiration and a process). 


We are a deliberately small unit (around 20): we have a good standard and a very good atmosphere and wish to maintain that. Therefore, space is limited within our unit. But when recruiting, we are very happy to take players, whether you’re relatively new to the game or a vet. 

Project Cobra Video  - the SFG are in the Middle East tasked with providing security for UK assests and personnel, due to tensions and violence in the country escalating. The siutaion erupts when the SFG compound comes under attack. Later the British consulate comes under serious threat and the SFG are called in to secure the ambassador. After a helicopter is shot down during an extraction, SFG, while keeping the ambassador safe, must find a way out of the country...

Further Info


In summary: we employ military: tactics, drills, comms, etc., within a mature and good atmosphere. We have a strong emphasis on teamwork. Lone wolves, Rambo’s and non-team players have no room in our unit.  

We have immersive and often challenging campaigns and missions.  We also use VCOM and lambs Danger FSM,  making a smart and challenging AI (very different to vanilla ai).   It's not unusual for us to do a 'pre-op recce' or close target reconnaissance (CTR), a day or so before the mission to gather intel and formulate a plan. This is solely intel gathering and requires absolute stealth in approach (this is optional and for those that enjoy doing it).  

We are an 18+ unit.

To ensure immersion and variety we use a number of mods such as: TFR, ACE, RHS, SPS weapons, various maps, etc., etc. 

For our full modlist, visit here:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1315120712


Training: Thursdays 20:00 UTC (UK based unit).

Main Mission: Sundays 19:30 UTC.

Teamspeak: sfg-ts.site (we tend to be on TS when in game only).

Discord: https://discord.gg/qVFvTb2 (there’s usually someone around, if you want a chat about the unit). 

If you have an interest or any questions,  feel free to pop us a message via the 'contact us' button.